"objectification in the media involves the portrayal of an individual as someone other than themselves, where as performance/art involves the portrayal of a character (someone other than themselves) by an individual"

- philosophy of the body



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"objectification in the media may involve the depiction of a person in a state of desire for objectification, and all emotion transfers via empathy (including fear, lust, disgust, etc)"

- philosophy of the body

"objectification of its very nature knows no boundaries in age... (being in denial of subjective significance)"

- philosophy of the body

The Objectified supports the end of Objectification through reason - Subjectify | Philosophy of the Body | The Aborted | War on Objectification | Subjectification.

Ultimately, it is the smallest things which count.

"to be objectified is to be only considered for one's physical worth (to be only considered for one's capacity to produce physically fit children, or for one's capacity to provide for the production of physically fit children)"

- philosophy of the body

The Objectified

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